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The 2017-2018 collection of Lena DeLoren is inspired by a new vision where fashion and elegance meet. The main focus of the Lena DeLoren Fashion Line is luxurious, exotic skin handbags. Handcrafted from the finest exotic skins with innovative fashion, Lena DeLoren bags create feelings of class and elegance.

Our bags have artistic designs which bring to your personal statement couture quality,
the innovative use of precious exotic skins and distinguished colors.

In addition to innovative designs, most of our bags create elegance with the unique Lena DeLoren
original design of Crocodile and Alligator wings in the front flap of the handbags. “Wings in the front
flap of our handbags" is our Lena DeLoren signature, that differentiates us from any one and allows
you to be different as well. Lena DeLoren luxury handbags appeal to women of any age as
a statement of success, confidence and love for life’s adventures...

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Lena De Loren Collection